Albarn 'stuffs' Live 8

I'm pleased that Albarn has come out and said what he said about Live 8. He's actually quite brave, within the media world. To stand out against the 'Rockerati' goes against the grain, in a way that's beyond postering and pouting. He's prepared to bite the hand that feeds him. That's a brave thing.

I thought it all smacked of desperation for Geldof to mention Dunkirk, of all things, which to a war baby is very significant, [which he is, of course], so he hopes to offend us and shock us all into media guilt.

Albarn see's Africa in a different light. I know it's all still personality travelling, but I get the feeling it's sort of quite genuine with him. He respects Africa on a level perhaps not understood by Geldof et al....maybe it's a younger thing.

Anyway, all power to Albarn to help try and talk some sense into them.

And I only like certain Blur/Gorillaz tracks, just the good ones that is. I prefer Coxon meself.

¬¬¬ If yanks don't know who Geldof is, no, he's not a character from Lord of the Rings, he is an obscure 70's ex music biz journalist, [Hot Press, I think], who became a punk rocker in a band for a while.


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