Web Language - Us, Them and Everyone Else

A rather not so surprising piece of news today about how the brits don't really know what most people on the net are on about. Entitled [rather off-puttingly] "..dogging or blogging?", a study has shown that your average hairdresser or taxi [cab] driver doesn't know what a blog is, and wondered whether it was something to do with dogging [don't ask]. Well, there you go then, we're in a very small room, and almost everyone else is in another much larger room, eating chips. Allegedly.

To make matters worse, we web citizens are so busy keeping up with new terms and ideas, we haven't even noticed how advanced we must be! For example, I'm checking out taxonomy, folksonomy, tagging vocabulary, nodes, etc etc etc.

The taxonomy_theme module allows you to specify a node's theme by the taxonomy term selected in the vocabulary that you choose to be the theme selector.
It's all getting a bit Player Piano.

wiki page on taxonomy
wiki folksonomy
Bruce Sterling on folksonomy


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