London Cafe Culture

After the post about Geoffrey Fletcher, I thought Id follow up with some stuff about cafes in London. Mentioning it to Rob Annable after he picked up on The London Nobody Knows post reminded me that I had first seen classiccafes.co.uk on his blog, so cool points to him.
Ive been a fan for many years, having regularly visited the Edgware Road Caf, the New Piccadilly, and even the Egg Timer in Oxford Street in the eighties. The Odd Spot was also a favourite - though Ive not been there for some time now.
This photo is of the infamous Ace Cafe, on Hanger Lane - haunt of Rocker Bikers and Vintage Car people. [Mods are to be seen there, furtively hanging round in the background....] The flyers for coming events advertise 'Ride to Brighton with the Rockers' and so forth. The stuff of dreams.


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