Lovebox Weekender and Batman Begins

lovebox weekender

To break the tension, we mosied on over to Hackney Victoria Park on Sunday to experience the Lovebox Weekender - a hotch potch of marvellous tents, events and happenings headlined by Groove Armada. And very cool it all was too, with my mates Wangos doing the main stage.
+ more Lovebox photos on flickr

batman begins - opera sceneWho should I meet when I get there? Two of the acrobats [trapeze artists] who starred in the opera scene in Batman Begins - you know, the bit where young Bruce is scared sh*tless by the 'Bats' swinging out of the rafters during the production of 'Die_Fledermaus [The Bat]' Boito's "Mefistofele",[ref] and hassles his Dad to leave, leading to the untimely deaths of his parents ......anyway, these guys are cooool cats. Their description of doing the scene, with no one on stage but them, [ready for the matting], trying to make 'Bruce' feel and look scared, was hysterical. Ill try to film them describing it.
They have a basic site here, and Im hoping I can help them with media hosting, and even a new site, if I can persuade them.


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