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Today I got up to the news that a man has been shot 5 times by the Police on the Tube at Stockwell [close to Oval station], allegedly while trying to escape, after allegedly dumping a rucksack on the platform.

In other news, arsonists have attempted to burn down the house in Aylesbury belonging to the family of one of the suicide bombers. The family are not resident there at present, having fleed for their own safety some days ago.

The huge mosque in East London on the Whitechapel Road has been evacuated after telephoned bomb threats. The Imam said they had received many such calls in the past few months, but only 'two or three' had threatened bombs, and none as serious as this. Today is prayer day, and up to 5000 people were expected there later this evening.

On the Mall [near Buckingham Palace], heavy Police activity has been witnessed, with armed Police 'getting a man on the floor and pointing guns at him'.

Update 1 - 15.05
Just got back from using the Tube. I was shocked at how few people were using the trains. Empty platforms, and police everywhere. Police standing outside when I get back out of my own station, Police vans going up and down the streets.

Update 2 - 15.15
The Harrow Road [west London, north of Notting Hill Gate] is now cordoned off while a house is searched. People calling the radio are saying they have heard gunshots.

Update 3 - 17.50
The Chief of Police, Ian Blair [no relation] has made a statement saying that Met Officers face the greatest operational challenge, unknown threats and grave danger. He painted a picture of an enormous ongoing operation that was spread throughout the City. He sounded rattled but defiant.
As I write, the Mall is still closed off.

Update 4 - 19.06
Arrests in Birmingham, bomb alerts in Leicester

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