Bombs near Portobello Road London W10

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Reports are coming in that a 'huge explosion' has been heard in West London, near Basing Street, during a massive armed police operation in the area. Around midday, people in the area heard a huge bang, big enough to 'shake the ground', followed by gunfire. The whole area was sealed off already, so Im not sure if anyone has been hurt. Three men with rucksacks on their backs were seen by local residents getting into an unmarked van, and in another report, a man in a phorensic suit has been taken away by Police in an unmarked Police car.

Basing Street is the location of Trevor Horns Sarm Studios [note for music efficionados], and though this is a trendy area, there are lots of dodgy characters and underground activity of all sorts. The area is also famous for hosting a few race riots in the fifties, seventies and eighties.

Ive lived and worked in and around this area for many years. I feel odd, to say the least...I only live about 2 miles away.........

Last night, I heard heavy military helicopters flying low over this part of London for about an hour, from 1.30am to 2.30 am.

more posts as things develop

Police have revealed that they asked for a 'News Blackout' this morning, so even though the media knew something was going on, they wern't saying anything. [In Britain this is known as a D notice.] The operation is concerned with the attemted bombings of last week.

A man calling the radio is in a flat next to where its all happening, and has said that Police have been negotiating with a man in a flat for about an hour, trying to get him to leave the flat, stripped off in his underpants only. They also fear that he may be being held aginst his will. There's now a live phone connection with the resident, so he is telling everyone what's going on. He's recorded the loud hailer exchanges.

It now appears there may be two separate operations in the same area, one near Portobello Road, one closer to Ladbroke Grove.

Massive explosion. The resident is saying - Oh My God'.....

There are definately two separate operations in the area, possibly more. Both sides of 'The Westway', a huge 6-lane flyover that cuts through the area.

People are being evacuated, in partial dress carrying children and in a hurry.

Police have made 'a number of arrests'.

Two locations, one at Basing St off the Protobello Road, and one at Delgano Gardens/Barlby Road, about half a mile away. This is near Little Wormwood Scrubs, where the abandoned bomb was found.

Police are assisting the Transport Police at an incident at Liverpool Street Rail Station

Police are saying that there's an ongoing security problem at Liverpool Street Station. There is an apparent hostage/seige situation at Delgano Gardens. Police are saying they have made significant arrests, including the 'third bomber' from last week.

Police have arrested two women at Liverpool St station, and after being closed for some time, it has now reopened, to the audible sigh of relief from all London commuters.

The operations in Ladbroke Grove/Portobello Road are essentially over. Three people have been arrested, of those three, two are would be bomber suspects from last week. Ongoing searches are being carried out, so people will be kept away for some time yet. It isn't clear whether the women arrested at Liverpool St are connected with the bombings and attempted bombings.

When it gets down to it, our Police rock the t*ts. Just don't walk around with a thick coat and/or an ipod on.......


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