RIAA represent criminals - it's official

We know already that Clearchannel run everything in the music industry, price fixes tickets, controls radioplay and all the rest. We know already that the closed shop of the music industry gets carte blanche to do what the f**k it likes with the legal system [ask the downloaders], we know that we don't have a leg to stand on - we're just the 'punters'. So it's mighty refreshing to find out about Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, and his mission to clean up the corruption in the music biz:

Spitzer probe finds gigantic payola scam; Sony will pay $10M
Big-name artists like Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion and Good Charlotte got airtime on the radio because their labels gave away computers and trips to Las Vegas, according to telltale industry E-mails Spitzer uncovered - and revealed yesterday.

"Payola is pervasive. It reaches to the very top of the industry, on the radio side and the label side," Spitzer said yesterday as he announced the first settlement in his probe of pay-for-play in the music industry.[...]

To think they have the nerve to sue individuals for downloading, when they are driving us to source music from alternative suppliers because we cannot be spoonfed repetitive chart bound 'sounds', it beggars belief.

He's going after three other majors, in a payola scam thats bigger than God. These people are rats. As I always say, the brains have left the industry, so now the little men sell dirt for sh*t. The saddest thing is that Sony have to pay the money to charity - does that include the dollars and pounds they've screwed from a few individuals in the courts too? And who runs the charities? The big wig show business wankers. So the money stays 'in house' whichever way you lookat it. Vomit inducing.

nydailynews - david hinckley


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