The Dying Music Press

Hahaha, one good thing to come out of the recent 'troubles' has been my discovery of the fuckthenme site. [Ref found here] Check it out while it's still there. A complete copy, down to all the right logos and layout. Very funny, it also appears to use a picture of Pete Voss in place of Liam Gallagher, which if you were familiar with the man, is very funny indeed.

I don't know if it's the same in other supermarkets, but my cathedral size Tesco has started to stock about 3 copies of the NME, max, as if they stock more, 'they just sit there'. Well, it is sh*t these days, but then again, I'm a grown up. I can't remember the time when I was young though, when I wanted the NME to be like Smash Hits.....odd times indeed eh.

I read the Fly [free, monthly], and have also sampled Artrocker [£1.40, bi-weekly], two fine publications, although both, especially Artrocker, far too absorbed by their own self importance to make any real inroads in the marketplace. When most of what's featured is only of passing interest, it's just a matter of time before they both give up the ghost. I don't count glossy mags, as they are usually over £4, so out of reach to alot of 'young people'.

Nobody cares though, and that's the biggest reason to stop buying any of 'em.


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