Life in the Brain Lane [2]

I saw a brilliant - yes - brilliant lecture by Thomas Friedman a couple of days ago. Titled 'The World Is Flat', it needs to be seen.
His idea is that the world is now flat in business and economic terms, as workers from India or China are now able to do many jobs that are centered in other countries, and vise versa. We can do their jobs. We can work from home, work on the move, get people to work for us who live 1000 miles away, or in another country. In other words, we are now all neighbours.
It's a great lecture, and believe me, he put's things alot better than I do.

Check it out: http://mitworld.mit.edu/video/266/. And btw, MITworld is really really very brainy and good.
Here's a cool interview with the man.


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