Big Bad Vista

I know a lot of people who are now running Vista on their (usually) pretty new laptops. Countless instances of software malfunction, crashing or system slowness are talked about or demonstrated. While some may be mildly taken in by the
nice new graphics and kiddy interface, most are enfuriated by the interference or downright crapness of their new OS.
I've had a quick look around, and note a new campaign to list all the shortcomings and possible illegal intrusions that Vista comes with. BadVista.fsf.org provides a host of interesting facts, especially 'whats wrong with Vista', including the so called Digital Rights (aka Restrictions) Management issues and snoopy software.
This is of special interest to me as I am hopefully soon to embark on a PhD about such matters.
I'm not normally anti Bill Gates per se, but when the system starts to rule the user's choices, then we know it's time to step back and have a good long look at the situation.


At 5:30 PM, Blogger david said...

I gave up and went dual boot Vista/XP for my music set up. Simply not enough supported software out there. Besides the noddiness of Vista as a reason, there's always the huge advantage with dual booting that you can strip your system right down for music production then flip back to a more 'home use' type setup when needed.

I scribbled ,some thoughts on Vista here a while ago...


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