Broken Saints DVD

Finally the Broken Saints DVD is available, and for a measly $40 + shipping. It comes as a four disc box set and contains fully remastered versions of all the episodes, complete with voice over action from famous dudes and dudettes in the gaming world. I fully recommend this stuf if you are into flash anime/graphic novel styles. Like angel b dean mentioned below, broken saints started life as a flash comic on the web, and became rather more famous as each episode was released. It stayed the course whilst others fell by the wayside [Little Ninja anyone??], and I've watched it since 2000 ish. The blokes involved have found the money to carry through the whole project without the obligatory advertising and sponsorship, so I hope that spirit survives into their newfound fame and wealth. I've been in touch with them on occasion and they all seem really nice and friendly. The soundtrack CD's [ by Tobias Tinker] are also well worth investing in if you like intelligent ambient emotional electro [or something].


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