Bruce Sterling

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A quick post to say I viewed a fantastic lecture by Bruce Sterling, cyberpunk intellecto extraordinaire, last night. I was enthralled after the first few minutes, fascinated by the subject - 'Shaping Things to Come'. From the ever great Boing, here's the link:
Be aware its a large file [177mb], but streams pretty well on an isdn or higher. The premise is that in the future everything will be digitally monitored and tagged, in the way that barcodes are a primative version nowadays, and that's just the beginning. Scary that the USA are already putting these things on their passports, seeing as any two-bit ass can make a RFID reader for $200..........

Interview with Sterling

Sale of RFIDs forceast to rise sharply

Wiki RFID info

This man is the new Spalding Grey, but more scientific.


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