East - West and the culture Abyss

A very amusing piece of news today, that Denmark's little mermaid has been 'burka'd'. [My new word here.] In a protest about Turkeys wish to join the EU, protesters draped the little mermaid statue [their national symbol] in a burka, with a message about Turkey attached.
The argument for Turkey to join the EU is complex, and has recently taken on a whole lot more significance than previously. As the only secular governed society in the muslim world, it shines out as a great example of how islamic countries can develop and take their place alongside everyone else, without a problem. I think many people in other muslim countries may envy the regime in Turkey, with it's successful economy, open attitude and modern views. Don't forget that Iran [partially] and Iraq in particular have very 'westernized' populations, education is freely available and women are much freer than we are led to believe.......
It remains to be seen what happens, definately worth keeping an eye on...



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