Blogger not *good* technically

Ive just been looking around, and checking my page in Netscape. As it was three months ago, Netscape is not reading blogger pages correctly. Is it just me? Blogs that are running the taskbar at the top don't display the full page at the top, cutting off the top image or title. [Not the same in Mozilla]. Blogs that don't have the bar are OK. I thought they would have sorted this by now, but no, I don't think they've noticed. Also, often when I'm looking at a few blogs, half of them dont show up properly, with the blog profile missing, or the righthand links missing. I'm pretty sure it's not just me, so hey, what's happening? I'm officially on bloggerwatch, as the strain of 10,000 new blogs a day takes it's toll on the system.
Maybe it's a regional thing. Maybe we will all have to pay soon.

nb the gif is great, I don't know where it's from, but if you know, tell me.


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