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I've been reading cryptogon.com recently, simply because it's been featuring a lot of good stuf. Slightly left leaning, but certainly no ignorance here, it's a top source, carrying many international items, as well as the States or the UK. I've been finding out about humanure, the History of American Money is based in Piracy, and the stories behind two recent gruesome murders in Britian, full of conspiracy and intrigue. The information and links put forward by cryptogon about the murders haven't appeared in any newspapers, as far as I know. I usually scan the contents of the Times and the Guardian or Independent, and I haven't seen anything about what may have been behind the murders at all.

It just goes to show that the modern sources of news have changed hugely, and good blog pages are often more informative than 'real' media. As I have learned about and become involved in blogging, I've really stopped reading newspapers for the most part. Occasionally I'll buy a weekend paper, but I'd actually prefer to have the opportunity of ordering paper copies of favourite blogs. I wonder who's going to start that one? It would make a fortune.........

so, check out the cryptogon.


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