Site Changes

As I haven't posted for awhile I expect the loyal among you have probably noticed, and are wondering what I may be up to. My host for the images was a site at easyspace, but they are withdrawing their free sites, necessitating a move to another host, and the re-tagging of a hundred and one images and external file links. What a drag, however, I've only myself to blame, so I'll have to knuckle down and get it sorted.
Ive been in communicado with a fellow blogger about mp3 blogs or similar, so you never know, this may turn into a media hotspot for good downloads, if I ever get the time. That's in between the pithy political posts.
As I'm also in the business of earning money to survive, I wont be able to sort this out in the near future, as WORK looms it's ugly/beautiful head again.


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