Dental Crisis in Britain

This isn't the most exciting subject to post on, but as I've just come back from some dental treatment, I'm at the front line of these issues. For many years, Britain has had no real dental provision, relying on a hotch potch of private dentists, hospitals and a few national health dentists. Recently more NHS dentists have been recruited, mainly from the far east, to help offer free dental care to millions of poorer britons. After having visited first a 'new' NHS dentists surgery in my area, then a 'cheap' private dentist, I have come to the conclusion that the only people actually offering proper modern dental care are the full price private dental surgeons. Everyone else is offering cut-price treatments, half done jobs and 'shunting' services to send you to the local NHS clinic or Dental Hospital, and making money in the process. I have paid full price, but have actually received first class treatment, all for a cost that is realistic for the skill and technology involved. I have not paid too much, been ripped off, or am paying more because Im a snob. It's clear. NHS treatment actually rips you off more than going private. Yet another socialist scandal.


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