Rock 'Industry' confused by level of own self importance

Oh, it's a laugh a minute down at Rock Industry Towers, it is. This item makes the claim that 'fans are bored by manufactured artists', and as usual goes on to explain dismal sales on downloading, as well as sucky teens filling up the airwaves.
Like, where do these people spend their time? Are their friends all dimbos? It seems that Franz Ferdinand will save the day.....*stifles mean giggle* ....I don't think I have words to express the stupidity of that statement.
The article implies that we, the public, are concerned as to the 'health' of the 'industry', going on to make the claim that it's in good health, obviously indicating that the exec's are all sh**ing themselves, and probably sending their CV's to all and sundry.
We all know by now, surely, that the industry is a self feeding monolith, outdated and out of touch. Forcing it's will on the public has become increasingly impossible, as too many competing sources of information tend to get in the way of their expensive promo campaigns. So no one really cares, we just buy what we like, listen to what we like, and pay little attention to current fashions.

Of course that really is bad news for them....I don't think they've even realised this fact yet.



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