Drugs n Sport

I can't help but think the decision to find Rio Ferdinand [ Man U and England soccer player] guilty of missing his test, and banning him for eight months was a really bad one. It sets the precedent that one can be found guilty of having potentially taken drugs, recreational or otherwise. I know that in the States there are much more stringent tests for job candidates in big companies [small too?], which haven't fully taken a hold yet in Europe. I know there is already a big trade in 'flushing' kits, so that people can clean out their system before a job interview. This decision to make an example of a very well paid and successful member of the sporting community in this manner, bodes ill for the rest of us. I'm not saying we are all rampant drug takers, but here in England, there used to be an outlook of 'what they dont know wont hurt them', and that was the rule by which society functioned. We could all do what we liked, as long as we turned up for work on a Monday morning, and did a good job. Unless we were found guilty of actual crimes, it was ok. Now that is not enough, something more synister is taking hold, a kind of high moral ground law, making anyone who questions the straight and narrow to be deemed a very bad person indeed.
A small point, but what happened today could have much wider repercussions than one would anticipate.


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