Mouse or Pen?

Here's a picture of the Wacom Graphire, a great little pen and tablet unit, I paid £60.00 for. [$100.00 approx].There is an ongoing discussion as to the relative merits of tablet and pen versus your bog standard mouse, and whether it's worth the investment, forking out for a pen. I definately think that a pen is far more versatile, and will allow all kinds of thickness/thinness and curves when drawing. I always find that, with a mouse, although you're used to it as an implement, there isn't enough versitility in terms of perspective and dimensions. In simple terms, you can't draw curves and other complex shapes easily, unlike with a pen. I'm no master artist, but I do try many different approaches to work, and still find myself more inclined to use the pen for any situation that makes it easier. The Wacom is great, as you can simultaniously run the mouse and the pen, switching over at will. It's especially good for hand writing and digital graffitti styles, as a mouse just can't do those as well.


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