Random Event Generator Reads the Future

I've just been listening to BBC Radio 5, and the guest was Ray Hammond, futurologist. I hastened off an email [to the show] about the Random Event Generator, featured in numerous Google news items recently. I hoped he would be able to shed more light on this extraordinary phenomenon.

After listening to him carefully for a while, though, I decided he was ill informed and sanctimonious. The usual diatribe of left wing 'I'm right so you just can't be' cliches fell from his mouth, with the arguments about global warming and the REAL desires of the US government etc etc all included. [Sample: "Lets be honest, we all know the REAL agenda of the USA regime...."]The discussion finally mentioned my question about 'the Black Box that can see into the Future', [a headline from one of the news items I quoted] and the DJ asked him what he knew. He said he'd never heard of it, and had no idea what it was. They laughed, as if they had read out a crackpot loony mail from some eccentric. BUT THIS WAS ALL OVER THE INTERNET LAST WEEK! THIS IS A PROPER UNIVERSITY FUNDED WORLDWIDE STUDY THAT'S BEEN GOING ON SINCE THE SEVENTIES!!! And he says he's a futurologist????What kind of ignorant fool calls himself a futurologist, and doesn't know the pertinent facts and events?????

Links to the Random Event Generator stuf:
http://www.rednova.com/news/display/?id=126649 - the news overview
http://noosphere.princeton.edu/reg.html - the devices
http://noosphere.princeton.edu/measurement.html - the measurement

If you want a laugh, this is the Hammond page, it's apparently meant to be taken seriously. Ray Hammond


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