British Education is a T**t

Couldn't resist giving my anonymous 'friend' a plug for the 'so tragic it's hysterical' blog about London University life, The Daily S Show, and I must say I am ashamed to be associated with the sloth that is British Education.

My theory on why the UK seems so embarrassed by educational excellence is that it is somehow perceieved to be in league with the class system and the British Social Elite. Let me break it to you all, It's not. Like the stifling narrow alleys of 'cool' that the UK music scene has created for itself, head in sand and unrelentingly dictatorial and closed minded, British Education behaves like something one puts up with, to humour lesser mortals. As long as the bare minimum of effort is displayed, cool reputation remains intact. As long as no interest is shown, then no opinion can be challenged or ridiculed. Above all, do not risk looking a fool. Then your number is up and you will have NO FRIENDS. If you are clever, you suck.
Thank god for Radiohead - at least they demonstrate that not everyone from Blighty is an ignorant twerp. Trouble is, most people who live in Blighty think Radiohead are wa***rs, because they are clever. My point rests.


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