Work Work Work

It's summer holiday time but I have no time to rest. Bummer. I'm doing client work (I managed to re-secure a client that had 'left the fold' for a while, but is now wanting my brain again). That's good. I'm doing my video blog, so that takes time. I'm doing a photo journal (of sorts) to document the changes in the redevelopment of a multimedia resource room at the university. I'm doing a new blog over at penworks.co.uk/blog. This is interesting because it's using the lovely, simple and beautiful Flatpress, look Mom, no MySQL. Simply fab. (Thanks, David the Brain.)
I'm learning basic stuff on Reason and acquainting myself with Premier 2, for tutorial work next semester. And that's presuming I still have a job in October.
And after all that, I'm still trying to compile information for a possible PhD. Failing that I'm being told I should do the PGCE (teaching) qualification, not interesting, but definitely useful.
When do I get a day off?


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