British Education, a rethink

I realised while pondering the post below, that I needed to rethink my attitude. Yes, it's true that a majority of Brits think being clever is not cool, but that isnt the fault of the educators. Far from it, from what Ive seen, underfunding and overworking seem to be the norm for most lecturers and perhaps the colleges they work for too. As the system seems keen these days to force people to attend higher education, even when they may have no apptitude or interest for it, problems are inevitable. [The british malaise toward education is well documented.]

And it's much more frightening than people give credit for. The stress created by such a competitive scenario [will I pass, will I fail], is quite a shock I can tell ya. And none of us are as bright as we think. This is also quite eye opening. Someone out there is always brighter.

On a personal level, apart from huge surges of terror, Im really enjoying the course, and feel priveliged to attend and study such an interesting set of ideas.


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