The music biz is full of lies

Yes it is, oh yes.
They tell us recently that 'legal' downloads have outstripped 'real' cd sales of singles for the first time EVA.
Well, that must be nice. I wonder what 'illegal' downloads are doing then, seeing as they didn't mention them.

Last October, p2pnet had some news about statistics of p2p file sharing.....and it made interesting reading:

In America alone, some 61 million people are logged onto the p2p networks and they certainly aren't downloading from iTunes, which is a self-funding promotional application for iPod products rather than a genuine music download service.

In August, 2003, 2,630,960 people were simultaneously surfing the non-commercial (ie, non-iTunes) services at any given moment, say p2p research analysts BigChampagne. In August, 2004, the number was 4,549,801 and in August this year, it was 6,871,308. And every month more than one billion files move around the nets.

In glaring contrast, Apple’s latest claim says it’s sold only around 600 million tracks since it went online in 2003.

So that clears that up then. Who's winning the filewars? Not iTunes, for sure.


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