Divx or Flv?

Looking at the issues - common formats the user will have versus quality for file size and ease of streaming, let's compare Flv and Divx:

For quality and ease of streaming, I'd say that Divx wins every time. I got the converter recently, and have been able to take 2gb into 300mg, depending on what the footage is. Incredible quality retention too, almost miraculous. Using websites like Joox or Stage6, you can see how brilliant the Divx web player is, viewing within the page, or separate pop window, or full screen, all to the same quality. I love it.

Using Flv (Flash), on the other hand, means that everyone can see your video - everyone has the Flash plug in. Not everyone has the Divx plug in (though they should). But quality just isn't as good, and resizing is definately not an option in most cases. File size is usually very good for what you get, but what you get just cannot compete with Divx.

Sadly, I have to stick with Flv for the time being, at least for all the jobs where it's important that people don't need anything else to view the file with. But, for my own work, I think Divx will be the format of choice from now on. Soon everyone will be doing it.


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