Ambient Combinations - or what I listen to when coding

So I just found a good read off del.icio.us - dealing with what we all listen to while we code. That IS interesting. Apparently, what we listen to can directly effect how we code. As in, 'a great body of evidence' supporting the idea that language and code ability and processes use the same part of the brain (ala Chomsky's ideas on Human language). This may explain why we all appear to prefer instrumental music when working.....

I always favour the olde ambient electronica, with a little jazz at the fringes. My favourite web station is Epiphany Radio, which I'm sure I've blogged about before. Now I have to again, as the post on reddit mentions khavi.org which Epiphany champion on their playlists, is a great source of coding music. They are, with free mixes of great ambiente, lasting up to 2 hours at a throw. Perfect music, and free. They also have many eps and tracks available, and really are doing a great job at that netlabel thing. Go there, download some mixes, listen, and become a better programmer immediately.


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