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I’m posting to Bosh via my email. Always easier than that whole log in process. Besides, Bosh is getting bit long in the tooth now, so I only post here now and again. I’ve started to blog mainly at my ‘other blog’ – www.penworks.co.uk/blog - using the lovely Flatpress. I’m really enjoying the novelty of that, and the fact it’s on my own space, under my control….


So, new post here soon, probably about something juicy and technical, or some good book I’ve read, like the recent ‘Happy Death’ by Albert Camus (*****5/7) or ‘An American Dream’ by Norman Mailer (****4/7). I also read another James Baldwin, ‘Sonny’s Blues’ (******6/7). I’ve just started ‘Heart of Darkness’ (Joseph Conrad), so get ready for a lengthy diatribe on literature.


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