So Much Software

In the next few weeks I have to know the basics for Audition, Premier, Reason, After Effects, Encore, as well as new tricks in CS2 Photoshop ansd Illustrator.

The question remains, why do software developers update their software so often? It’s purely for profit, not for usability. They have us ‘over a barrel’. We have to upgrade, or the client/student/CV looks/feels less good than it should.

I’ve always thought there should be varying prices for software – intro level, intermediate and advanced. That way, no one is expected to pay for whole bunches of stuff they won’t know how to use for three years. Just think, the millions ‘lost’ to piracy every day could be converted into lyal paying customers if the price was right. I’d pay £50-150 for intro level Photoshop… wouldn’t you?


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