I love my PHP...

I've been installing quite a few blog/CMS apps recently. Wordpress, Drupal, Movable Type, Flatpress. Also, the Maianscript Blog and a few other little apps like My Gallery and My Little Homepage.

All have lovely things about them, even the little ones, but overall I think Drupal is the best. Of course Wordpress is the most used/has lots of plug ins and lovely themes. But Drupal has fantastic multiuser features and a great interface (and also has lots of lovely themes). I think it's all down to what you want to do, and how much data you want to collect. Movable Type sits mainly in your cgi-bin, weird, but works great. Flatpress is fantastic considering it doesn't need any MySql. The small apps are fine at what they do, easy to implement and fit nicely into existing static sites.

I've also installed a beautiful Maianscript Gallery here (including full Paypal config), and will try out his Mp3 Cart and normal Cart too. Maianscriptworld rocks.

All in all, it's great to have a few apps on the go, and DB's to mess about with again, I feel more complete as a person.


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