It's all change round 'ere

I always thought this blog would die a natural death but it just keeps hanging on, like a body that’s brain dead but kept alive on a resuscitator. I should have signed the DNR agreement before I took it on.


Well, I’ve been away a long time, so long that I passed through Flash CS3 and on to CS4, learned a lot about Encore and Illustrator, used Reason 3 and then 4, got into Ableton Live, and tried a little DJing too. Now I’m on to playing the guitar again (Gretsch), just to keep my sanity intact, and my body pure in mind and spirit (somewhat).


I miss my old blogger friends like Spamnet and a few others. I miss Angel B Dean, and maybe fatkid was the most fun. I miss the idea of regular blogging and the feeling that we were all doing it. Sharing, learning, arguing, going forward into the future together.


Maybe the Barrack phenomenon will create a whole new generation of bloggerati, I dunno. Prbably not, it feels so *Bush era*.


Well, that’s it for now, so blog on, and do what you gotta do. I’m outta here for the time being.


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