My Employ at London Met

Quick post on what is currently happening at London Met.

I work at London Met, as an overworked unsung hero of the Hourly Paid variety. My students and I have a great time working hard, sometimes very hard, learning and sharing ideas about, in our case, computers and multimedia. We all love what we do, and enjoy each others company and abilities. When equipment doesn’t work, we huff and puff, and try another PC. When the heating breaks down, we put on our coats. When the air conditioning overloads, we put on our coats. When we can’t log in because the servers overload, we try another PC….and it goes on.

We love what we do, despite it all. It is the best we’ve got.

So go on, slag us off, we won’t care, we’ll just come back tomorrow, and try again.


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