The future of this blog

Since Ive been so busy, Ive had little time to post. I miss blogging!

A while ago, the splintered mind asked 'why do people blog?' This is what I miss:

The open attitude to new things and sharing information.
The recommending of good new things by people whose opinion you trust.
Being able to learn important new things from other bloggers.
Being able to wibble with the templates.
Enjoying my rank go up if I post something of interest to others.
Sharing my humble opinion.
Constantly learning new things.
Meeting new virtual people.

The downside:

The time it takes to post regularly.
Watching my rank sink into oblivion when I don't post regularly.
I can't think of anything else.

So while I have no comments (I recently updated to use blogger comments, cos I don't get many comments anyway, and the haloscan ones disappear when they get old...) and my rank has dropped into miniscule nohope microcosm territory, here I am to try to pull myself out of the bad bad habit of not posting.